Are you shocked at the major mass media advertised: exercise, and body building programs that are so OUTRAGEOUSLY EXTREME they would undoubtedly send the typical out of condition “newbie” to the hospital… or worse?

Would You Like To Be Professionally Guided Step-By-Step Through A Totally Safe, Sensible, Guaranteed 100% Effective Back To Basics 90 Day Exercise Challenge?


  • Burning Fat
  • Dropping inches
  • Building a beautiful body of lean muscle
  • Getting in the best shape of your life
  • Following a proven inch loss system

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Hi Jai and Sean here.

Isn’t it about time that you improved your body and your health with an absolutely sensible, safe, exercise program that shows you how lose the first 10lbs quickly and easily?

An exercise program designed for people just like yourself.  People who might never have stepped foot into a gym. Or People that might be complete beginner’s or don’t have much of a clue about how to properly and safely begin, an exercise program.

An exercise program that will first build the basic foundations, and then slowly progress at your own pace to get the results you want, prevent injury, learn correct techniques and progression.

Now you finally can have an exercise program that you can stick with, that gets real results and helps you achieve your goals of inch loss, increased energy, better health and finally achieve the body you dream of without countless hours in the gym… without having to watch everything you eat and without feeling hungry all the time.

A program that’s actually GUARANTEED to work for you. A program where you will

Have The Body You Desire,

WITHOUT Having To Diet Ever Again

Now that you have such easy access to this 90 day challenge.  Isn’t it time you got started?


This complete 90 day inch loss system is for anyone new to exercise, or wanting to start up again and men and women who want to double or even triple their current results… Designed in a step by step, follow along program designed to get results, preventing injury, teaching you correct technique and progression whilst burning fat, dropping inches and building quality lean muscle.

In this highly effective take you by the hand system we have taken exercise back to basics and made it so that anyone can get in the best shape of their life without the massive costs of hiring a personal trainer or the dangers of copying advanced exercises before they are ready.

Designed to get you in the best shape ever, prevent injury, teach you correct technique and progression whilst burning fat.

“Give a man a fish and you’ve fed him for the day.
Teach a man to fish and you’ve fed him for life.”

- One of my favorite quotes… it will soon be yours

You are going to find that this is a complete program within itself that takes you from unsure and under certain to confident and self-assured.

This system GUARANTEES results and puts you in control of your mind, body and health using the unique “Inch Loss Pyramid” system…

With this system, you will finally have an exercise program that you can stick with, that gets real results and helps you achieve your goals of inch loss, energy and the body you dream of without countless hours in the gym, watching everything you eat and feeling hungry all the time.

We strip down the fundamentals of exercise and weight loss to their core to provide a simple program that anyone can use even if you are a complete beginner.

    We focus on all the attributes needed for success not just one area.

    And takes no longer than 20 minutes a day to see great results

    • How to use mindset to overcome poor choices
    • Fast, simple exercises you can do at home or in the gym
    • A complete nutrition program that saves you time
    • Follow along on your Tablet, Smart phone, Laptop or T.V.

    No more impossibly hard exercises…
    Just the right tools to get great results safely.


    The creators and hosts of this program are

    Jai Mitchell and Sean Burgess

    Who have over 15 years in the industry between them
    Sean and Jai have over 15 years’ experience working with a diverse range of clients, helping many change their ways of thinking about exercise and health. Their combined skills complement each other having between them worked with people of every type from elite athletes to the average person in places from your local gym to well-known gyms worldwide.

    They have both spent time educating others either in a class atmosphere or at live seminars and are passionate about helping people achieve results. With a Master’s degree, a number of diploma’s and a lot of highly recognized professional qualifications alongside experience in coaching rugby, athletics and soccer clubs, between them, their training speaks for itself.

    What is included in the 90 Day challenge?

    Easy To Follow Exercise Video’s

    Diet Depletion System


    • Complete Mindset Tools To Keep You On Track
    • Workout books and manuals
    • Ongoing and support
    • Discussion board/forum

    How This Program Benefits You

    • Simple and easy to follow
    • Designed for anyone and EVERYONE
    • Transform your body in the shortest possible time
    • Get rock hard invincible abs
    • No gimmicks just great results
    • We reveal the “Inch Loss Pyramid” to success and a ripped body
    • When you know this you will never diet again
    • We provide the solution for you to get the body you secretly desire
    • You will get instant access to your membership site
    • It will help you burn fat
    • Build quality lean muscle
    • Get you into the best shape of your life
    • No complicated workout plans, boring cardio routines or celebrity fad workouts that promise lots but deliver little
    • All without costing a fortune, in fact costing less than one personal training session with a complete newbie
    • This program follows a simple system that provides one to one training through video, pictures, descriptions and tips and takes you through an entire 30 days and more of educating and showing you how to get the most from your exercise time
    • This program takes the guesswork out of exercise
    • It takes you by the hand and provides the resources, tools, tips and proven techniques you need to look, feel and be great without confusion, cost and disapointment…

    and guarantees success or your money back

    • People who undertake this program discover they have lots more energy
    • Find it so very simple to follow
    • See their body shape change quickly
    • Wobbly areas disappear and you will get curves in all the right places without having to spend several hours a week in the gym
    • You have the option of training in your home
    • The program comes with several bonus programs for people in a hurry and with limited time to exercise
    • Great results for minimal effort
    • Guaranteed inch loss and greater muscle tone
    • Blast belly fat fast with proven results
    • Prevent common injury with simple tricks
    • Step by step, done for you program
    • Takes the guesswork out of inch loss and exercise
    • No horrible side effects, diets or feeling of inadequacy
    • Designed for anyone and everyone
    • Simple, convenient and guarantees results
    • Can be done anywhere, in the gym, a park at home or in the office
    • Pictures, diagrams and follow along videos included
    • Fast and fun workouts
    • Progress tracker to keep you on top
    • Create an invincible mindset and never doubt yourself again

    See What Our Very Happy Clients Have To Say About This 90 Day Step-By-Step Training


    If you are serious about working hard towards your personal goals then SFL is the program for you! The training is always varied and fun, takes the guesswork out of exercise and the results are amazing.


    Personally since starting the program I have lost 14 kilos and 8 inches off my waist in 90 days and have gone from getting out of breath just thinking about exercise and feeling confident in myself and in the best shape I have ever been in…

    - ”Christopher, ”Lost

    I’d been going to the gym and using just treadmill and cross trainer but I didn’t feel that my fitness was progressing. I had previously struggled to run 1km and since starting SFL I can now run 5km roughly 3 times a week, and have entered for my first Race for Life this year.

    My fitness levels are better than they were 10 years ago, and I feel the benefit in my everyday life as I have more energy in general, and can get involved in anything I want to no matter how physically demanding it might be.  My main goal in starting training was to improve my fitness, but as a very nice bonus I have gone down 2 dress sizes and my whole body shape and tone have changed.

    I would absolutely recommend SFL to anyone looking for a simple, done for you fast program that will get you results.

    Testimonial Image 2


    - ”Sue, ”Gone

    My usual gym sessions were whatever I felt like or more to the point what I was in the mood for, with limited knowledge I was copying others or researching the internet and not really getting the results I wanted. It made me wonder what the heck am I doing?


    After starting SFL I was amazed! I worked harder than I ever thought I could and I rated myself fairly fit! SFL took me back to the basics of the gym, it was a brand new solution that I needed and SFL delivered. I remember early on lifting only 1kg dumbbells and by the end of the session, sweating and shaking profusely. Never had I pushed myself that far but with the motivation and tools in SFL it takes you there every time.

    I have learnt correct techniques, diet plans, training volumes and a whole host of new exercises; I now give my friends advice on training! My results were fantastic my fitness levels far exceeded anything I could have hoped for , I’m 30 this year I am fitter than ever before it has impacted my outlook on everything, I know my body better now than ever before and how to fuel it. For me what I have learnt is invaluable.

    - ”Si, ”Took

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    This fantastic resource will help you track your results both negative and positive so you can see what works and what doesn’t to guarantee success

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    measurement chartchanged

    Track your results as you lose inches and gain lean muscle

    No more weighing yourself on scales and feeling disappointed! See results every week as your body changes shape before your very eyes

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    top tip checklist


    Over 100 top tips to help you break bad habits and reinforce new, strong and healthy habits so you smash your target and crush your challenge

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    This essential resource shows you proven strategies for getting things done and staying on track and will save you countless hours of wasted time and energy

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    Here is my IRON CLAD NO RISK

    “Love It or Leave It”

    60 Day Total Satisfaction Trial

    Money Back Guarantee

    If, at any time within the first 60 Days you do not feel that this is everything that we say it is…

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    No Quibbles, No Questions Asked…No matter what!

    In Fact…

    This Is Much Better Than A 100% Money Back Guarantee

    Because if, in the unlikely event that you

    cancel within the 60 day trial period

    Not only do you get a full 100% refund…

    But you can keep all of the paper formats and continue

    to receive our weekly educational tips by email


    Money Back Risk Free Guarantee


    I want you to be as confident as possible that this is the right choice for you.  So, just in case you may have any lingering doubts whatsoever, we want to make it totally risk free and foolproof for you.  This product come with our… IRON CLAD FULL 60 DAY MONEY BACK GURANTEE.

    If, at any within the first 60 days you do not feel that this is everything that we say it is…if you are not happy  with it for any reason whatsoever, or absolutely no reason at all…simply email me for a full instant refund of your full purchase price…

    No GIMMICKS, No “FINE PRINT”, No Hassles, No Excuses, No Quibbles, No Questions Asked…No matter what!


    Remember, all the risk is on us.

    Your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed


    Here’s How It Works And What To Do Next

    • Transform your body exercise workouts
    • Transform your food online diet depletion system
    • Transform your mind tools and resources
    • SFL quick start guide
    • Ongoing support
    • Discussion board/forum
    • Weekly training videos and content

    The FAST ACTION time limit is still available so

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    • Eat More To Look Great
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    • SFL Body Transformation Journal
    • SFL Food Diary and Measurement Chart
    • SFL Top Tip Checklist
    • Get Ripped/Toned Planner

    I understand that my investment is totally risk free…

    And that my satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed.

    And that I have a full 60 days to decide whether I want to keep this program or receive a full refund.

    If for any reason whatsoever I feel the 90 day professional step-by-step exercise challenge wasn’t worth the cost I can request a full refund and I will receive my full purchase price back.

    I don’t want to put it off until later.  I know I will only get busy with something else and forget.

    Having a great body and good health for the rest of my life is just too important.

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    To Your Success

    Jai & Sean

    P.S. With this back to basics program you no longer have any excuse not to have the body you desire and the gift of good health.

    P.P.S.  Let me recap the guarantee for you:

    Remember, all the risk  is on us. Your satisfaction  is absolutely guaranteed.

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